Andrew Whalan

Andrew Whalan Profile
Andrew Whalan

Andrew Whalan is a highly versatile and skilled business consultant with more than 10 years’ experience.

Andrew’s unique business and process analysis abilities have been utilised in both diagnosis and training needs analysis. He also has experience with creating training packages, online manuals, training documentation, help materials, and supporting documentation.

He has been a successful facilitator both in a voluntary and corporate capacity enabling successful collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders to achieve timely outcomes.

He has worked with an extensive range of stakeholders including:

  • Executives and senior managers
  • Software developers and architects
  • Call centre personnel
  • Child Safety Officers
  • Software support personnel
  • Legal staff, insurance staff
  • State and Federal government public servants
  • Air traffic controllers
  • IT network, systems and applications personnel.

Andrew’s skills and capabilities encompass:

  • Process and business analysis
  • Change management
  • Training
  • Technical writing
  • Project management
  • IT service management.

Andrew successfully created and initiated a charity with the aim of sponsoring volunteers. He was responsible for creating a business and strategic plan which was reviewed by charity and non-profit mentors. He then formed a company limited by guarantee and recruited a board of directors. Subsequently, Andrew recruited an overseas software partner and oversaw the creation and implementation of a web site.