How to give and receive better feedback as a remote team

From Kate Kendall and Tessa Greenleaf of CloudPeeps, a better alternative to performance reviews (I only ever found a handful useful).

Kate Kendall

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I’m mixing things up this week with a guest post from our happiness lead at CloudPeeps, Tessa Greenleaf, about how to do one-on-ones well in distributed teams. 

From the very beginning, CloudPeeps has been committed to creating a culture of transparency, which means sharing consistent feedback — and that’s a huge part of why I wanted to join the team. It’s important to us that we keep open lines of communication on a daily basis. So far it hasn’t been too much of a challenge, as we’re all pretty tight-knit. However, even though the culture has been instilled, now is the time to cement it.

That’s why we felt very strongly about implementing pair calls [hour-long Google Hangout feedback sessions] with different team members each month. I was excited to take the lead on organizing these calls, and am happy to share how we’ve begun implementing them.

Pair call vs. performance review

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